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Physical and Occupational Therapy to Heal Your Body

Thanks to the therapy provided by Southern Touch Home Health, we help your body heal the correct way. Our therapists start by doing a complete evaluation, which sets up the criteria and expectations of the program, and a target date to have you and your body back to full functionality. We accept all forms of insurance.

Woman in Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our licensed therapists are there to help you reach your full potential: feel stronger, live more independently and pursue the activities you enjoy. Working from your doctor's orders, your therapist will develop, implement, manage and evaluate a care plan with realistic goals and objectives

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy improves your ability to perform essential daily tasks in a safe and secure home environment. It is designed to restore balance, improve mobility and reduce the risk of falling. Speech therapy improves communication, involves strategies for better swallowing to reduce the risk of aspiration by pneumonia and ensure good nutrition and hydration, and enhances cognitive abilities. Our therapists are also qualified to recommend and fit self-help orthotic devices.